Tech TalkĀ® with iTradeNetwork
Automate Your Supply Chain

iTradeNetwork will delve into new technology that brings simplicity and agility to the perishables supply chain. iTradeNetwork, a company working out of the Western Growers Center for Innovation & Technology, offers web-based software that automates the supply chain for the retail and foodservice industries. Their network—which is comprised of 5,000+ retailers, operators, grower-shippers, manufacturers and distributors—helps maximize efficiency and end-to-end visibility.

How does iTrade work?

  • Network: Connect once to access the largest food and beverage network of 5,000+ trading partners.
  • Data: Upload your product catalog once and iTrade syncs and distributes your product information across your entire network.
  • Quality: Monitor and optimize quality with data collection and analysis from any supply chain waypoint.
  • Traceability: With seamless integration across iTrade’s solution suite, gain critical visibility across your perishables supply chain, farm to fork.
  • Extended Enterprise: Solutions integrate with existing customer systems.
  • Throughout the Tech Talk, Jason Varni, customer success manager and senior systems engineer at iTradeNetwork, will speak further about how iTrade works, as well as describe the traceability products that the company offers. Varni began his career in Silicon Valley working for technology startups and small companies. In 2009, he made the move to agtech when he was recruited by the Canada-based Hortau to develop cloud-based soil monitoring systems for agriculture and to help grow the company’s presence in the United States. Today, at iTrade, Varni is focused on designing world-class traceability systems and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Date: July 31, 2018
Time: 10:00AM PST