Tech TalkĀ® with Plant Nutrition Technologies
Bio-mineral fertilizers that create healthier and stronger plants

Plant Nutrition Technologies (PNT) has developed a chemical free, bio-mineral fertilizer to naturally recharge soil for healthier and stronger plants that bear more nutrient dense fruits and vegetables.

As the world's population grows, finding a sustainable method for food production is becoming increasingly more vital in growing enough food to meet the demand. Based on current cultivation practices, it is estimated that the available farmland will not sustain our population growth through 2050.

Join PNT President & CEO Dennis Amoroso, as he discusses their bio-conversion process where Rock Powder—a blend of the raw materials left from the mining eras—is combined with natural elements to create a bio-mineralizing and regenerative fertilizer. Learn how this next generation technology can help revitalize and maintain the health of the soil to garner more productivity out of farmland for a sustainable growing environment.

Date: March 28, 2017
Time: 3:00PM PST