Tech TalkĀ® with AgriData
Tech Talk Reveals Innovative Technology that Forecasts Yields

Join us for the October 24 Tech Talk® as Cyrille Habis, CEO and co-founder of AgriData, reveals new technology that allows growers to forecast yields several weeks prior to harvest.

AgriData, one of 48 agtech startups housed in the WG Center for Innovation & Technology, provides yield estimation and management technology with unmatched accuracy for farmers of permanent crops.

During the Tech Talk, Habis will explain how the data and imagery collected from cameras mounted on a farm’s ground vehicles enable variable rate farming and significant business optimizations. AgriData guarantees that their technology will allow growers to do the following:
  • Measure Crops with Precision: Receive yield forecasts up to three months prior to harvest, including analysis of fruit quantity, density and size to help optimize farming operations.
  • Evaluate Attributes: Select customized qualitative attributes—such as maturity, defects, diseases and pests—for inclusion in field scans. This allows growers to better allocate resources. 
  • Better Manage Operations: Maximize revenue by remedying low yield areas. Minimize costs associated with future contract settlements, labor, chemicals and crop insurance.
Tech Talks, which are offered at no cost, was launched in March 2016 to introduce WG members, potential stakeholders and the community to the latest innovations. Now, the Center has revamped the Tech Talk format to be a more collaborative forum between innovators, growers, investors and stakeholders.
For past Tech Talks, visit WGCIT’s Vimeo.

Date: October 24, 2017
Time: 3:00PM PST